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Ann Heylen – Painter

Ann Heylen is a female Belgium artist living in Mallorca. A mother and an art teacher. She studied at the Royal Academy of Belle Art in Antwerp.

What or who is inspiring you right now?

Human expressions, how we communicate and are more honest with expressions rather than words.

How did you come to work in your creative industry?

I was born this way, always drawing since I was a child. It brought and brings balance in my life. I need visual expression.

And your first job?

I was an Illustrator.

How have you developed your career?

I came to Mallorca 4 years ago to focus on my creative side and start living “the real me”. I felt like my life didn’t make sense and I felt incomplete.

What do you aim to say with your work?

To touch , make people think , to communicate

Describe your creative process

Observe my daily surroundings, mentally and physically. And express this state of mind creatively.

Describe your daily routine.

Wake up inspired, smoke a cigarette and drink a cup of coffee, take a minute to organize my thoughts  and the start painting again. Normally until 2, 3 pm. Then I need a break and step away for a minute. At 6, 7 pm I will start again or not , depending on my social life. If I paint late at night, I normally can’t sleep due to the excitement of creating.

What project of yours has inspired you the most?

Every project inspired me in their time… Sometimes I need a break from one to put them in perspective and start over again or leave it for what it is.

Do you have a quote you live by?

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  I can relate to this a little because I find it interesting what other people feel and see in artworks. Diversity is very interesting to me.

Anne’s Instagram @heylenann

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