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Joseph Lally – Photographer, Author

Joseph Lally is a writer/author and an international photographer. He’s photographed some of the world’s leading celebrities. His books are as from-another-dimension as is his thinking. It’s an honour to have him on the blog.

What’s your background? Where are you from?

I originate from a thought bestowed by infinite mind.

What or who is inspiring you right now?

Andy Warhol, Jesus Christ, Philip K. Dick and Susan Sontag.

How did you come to work in your creative industry?

Through a series of apparent accidents, I landed in various situations and positions in which I was allowed to give free expressions of my personality, that being primal personality, that which is inherent in you despite the influence of the collective.

How have you developed your career? What are you doing now?

The career developed me and now I feel like a fresh slate. I am at work on a new book of writing that will break down our idea of reality.

What do you aim to say with your work?

Through images I tend to gravitate towards the seductive beauty because I am seduced by that and in writing, I wish to offer the totality of my soul.

Describe your creative process

Photographically, I simply aim and shoot beauty. No thinking goes into it.

Writing wise, I listen intently and I hear the words in my head and I apply them through typing.

How would you define your style?

Style is content and content is style. They function as a unit.

What are the qualities that define an artist?

The qualities of a Scorpio with a Leo rising.

Paint a picture of where you live/describe it

I live inside my mind and at times I can travel to other dimensions, one in particular, that being the fifth dimension where I am building a magical estate. You must come and visit there.

What is your favorite era of design?

I love the movie LUDWIG by Visconti about the mad king of Bavaria and the places he designed.

Who has been the most inspirational person for you?

Peter Beaulieu. I met him in third grade and it was like a burst of sunlight. He was born enlightened. He left this earth at 18 but he comes to me in dreams. In fact, he gave me the outline in dreams of my new book THE STAR CHILDREN CHRONICLES.

What’s the project you are working on right now that you feel most passionately about?

My book THE DAY OF TRIADS: The Cosmology of the Entire Universe. It will be 400 pages. I am currently on page 28.

Describe your “typical” daily routine?

In the morning I take a cold shower then meditate then see what propels me.

What project of yours has inspired you the most?

My writings. THE INFRARED SUMMER, my first novel about people in South Beach, the year leading to murder of Versace. My book THE STAR CHILDREN CHRONICLES. And my film starring Daphne Guinness THE MURDER OF JEAN SEBERG.

How do look after yourself mentally and physically?

Eat organic, walking and meditation.

What’s your favourite film?

  • LOLITA by Stanley Kubrick
  • VERTIGO by Hitchcock
  • THE ECLIPSE by Antonioni

Do you have a favorite quote that you try to live by?

“I would like to write a Book which would drive men mad, which would be like an open door leading them where they would never have consented to go, in short, a door that opens onto reality.”  – Antonin Artaud

What makes you nervous?

The increasing dumbness and non-culture of people.

Who the nicest person you have worked with?

Daphne Guinness and Brad Pitt.

Do you dream?

I take Vitamin B-6 300mg before sleep and dream so intensely.

What’s on your playlist right now?

William Orbit as I write.

Can you describe what you are doing now, with your life and work?

As of a month ago I am in transition. During meditation, a blue flame appeared and I began to experience new frequencies. I feel the effect of the blue ray of light more intensely as time goes on and I wish it to continue because it is clearing out the negative. Life is a sacred mystery and one can enter that mystery and become it.

Joe’s Instagram @lallypop421

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