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Snesh – Illustrator

Snesh is an illustrator and photographer and also a comic artist. He mixes superhero images with an erotic edge.

What’s your background?

I was born and raised in Madrid and, despite my weird nickname most of my ancestors were Madrilenian too. So as far as I know I don’t really have a very mixed genetics. Fun fact: it is said that people whose grandparents (at least) were from Madrid are called “gatos” (“cats” in Spanish) so it’s fair to say I’m also a cat (probably my spirit animal).

I come from a very dysfunctional family so that made me start a very deep personal universe and develop my imagination a lot.

What or who is inspiring you right now?

I don’t really know if there are some specific things inspiring me right now, I can be inspired by a song, a movie, a dream, a very interesting conversation, the flight of a fly… but many times ideas just come to my mind, like magic.

How did you come to work in your creative industry?

I started drawing when I was able to grab a pen. I liked to express myself creatively before I can remember. I also discovered photography at a very young age and started using Photoshop when I was 10. Basically I was a self-taught artist till I studied Design at the School of Fine Arts of the UCM here in Madrid. Then I studied Comic at ESDIP. Despite starting so young to draw, design, take photos, etc I saw social networks as a way to share my stuff very late, exactly 4 years ago. I’m still learning to use the Internet to share and promote my work.

What was your first job?

Not a lot of people know that my first official paid job was being a laborer in a construction offices 7 years ago. I obviously knew that wasn’t my thing before I even started it but I needed the money.

How have you developed your career?

I think I’m starting it right now but… at this moment everything I’m becoming is thanks to the Internet (Instagram, Twitter, web comics platforms and Patreon so far).

What do you aim to say with your work?

My work can be divided in three parts: my design work were I just try to create practical and aesthetic stuff; my illustrations and photos were I just express my feelings; and my comics were I tell a story and show some of the worlds I have on my mind.

Describe your creative process

My process is as random as me. I try to be productive and consistent but I ramble a lot because whenever I have an idea I focus a lot on that and I’m constantly working on it till another idea comes and I’m constantly having ideas so…

How would you define your style?

This is the most difficult one to answer. I guess it’s because I’m into so many different things that I barely have “a style”. I’m always open to try new things but people say my illustrations are very influenced by Disney and Marvel and I guess that’s true since both marked my whole life. Otherwise when it comes to photography I’m obsessed with details, macro photography and I love playing with light and with the moods you can express with it.

What are the qualities that define an artist?

For me, an artist is whoever has the ability to express something in any creative possible way. I don’t think you need some special skills for it, you can improve some specific skills for some specific purposes but that’s not what makes the artist.

Paint a picture of where you live/describe it

I’m starting my own life as an independent human being in a very small flat in the center of Madrid on a district called “La Latina” where there’s a lot of art and artists so I couldn’t be happier about that.

What is your favourite era of design?

I’m a very eclectic person so I don’t really have just one favorite era… If I need to be brief I’d say modernism and the Ancient Egypt.

Who has been the most inspirational person for you?

It is so hard for me to choose just one but I’m gonna name a few people who are always on my mind and I look up to: Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis, Pepe Larraz, Glen Keane, Walt Disney, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Dan Brown.

What’s the project you are working on right now that you feel most passionately about?

I’m finally finishing the first chapter of my third web comic AX but I really have lots of projects on my mind for this year that I won’t name because they all are at a very early stage.

What’s your “typical” daily routine?

There’s only 3 sure things on my daily routine: Waking up, staying up till so damn late and listening to music.

What project of yours has inspired you the most?

My first comic project Wallham Village which I started when I was 10 and I’m still developing (Second chapter coming soon this year).

What are your beauty secrets?

I don’t really have any, I don’t take much care of my look except from my hair because I know I’m gonna go bald soon and I need to enjoy it while it lasts. My genetics suck so I need to work out so so hard and eat a lot and I always put my work first so I never had a healthy body… Anyways that’s one of my 2019 resolutions (again).

How do you try to stay healthy, mentally and physically?

I fall ill a lot due to my genetics. I know I should eat healthier and do exercise again but I’m working on it. And when it comes to my mental health I take pills for my anxiety.

What’s your favourite film?

At this point it’s clear that choosing one thing is not really me, but the first movie I ever watched was Pocahontas and maybe that’s the most important movie in my life.

Do you have a favourite quote that you try to live by?

My grandfather used to say: You shouldn’t be “good”, you should be “the best”. I think we all should try to be the best version of ourselves every single day.

Is there anything in your career that you regret not doing?/regret doing?

I just wish I had realized sooner that being afraid of publishing my work online is a very stupid decision even though I’m still struggling with posting erotic and NSFW illustrations on my regular accounts because they’re also a part of me. I don’t really see the difference between a Spider-man drawing and a boy showing his ass but most people still don’t see it like that. The surprising Tumblr suicide (censorship) is a sign of that.

What makes you nervous?

Literally every single thing.

Who’s the nicest person you have worked with?

I’ve fortunately met and worked with awesome people in college I just couldn’t name one.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I just want to be healthy, be able to work in whatever I want whenever I want to and I’d love to be the father of 10 cats.

Do you dream?

To be honest I have more nightmares than dreams but I use to forget everything once I wake up.

If you were a perfume what would you smell like?

As the eclectic person I am I’d be one of those air fresheners that switch between a few fragrances.

What’s on your playlist right now?

I’ve been listening to the re-worked JoJo first albums lately.

View more Snesh’s work on his instagram

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