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Thomas Bille – Graphic Designer, Photographer

Thomas is a Graphic Designer lives and works in Copenhagen. I found his instagram feed and loved it. His photography is very minimal and simple with lots of interesting architectural shapes.

“When I’m not helping people at work I love to explore my city with my phone and through my pictures. And as everybody else I LOVE to travel – and my main focus is to get inspired on my travels.”

What or who is inspiring you right now?

As I spend a lot of time on taking pictures and on Instagram my inspiration is other creative and minimalistic profiles. My absolute favourite instagrammer is @thismintymoment

What do you want to say with your work? How would you define your style?

I don’t have a mission with my pictures.. I follow (on most of my pictures) a simple rule. I try to see every shot with a new perspective so that I don’t copy what is already out there. Instead I focus on how my take can inspire others to see the same place/building with a new set of eyes. My style is minimalistic so my hardest job is to show that less is more.

What is your favourite era of design?

I’m a big fan of Bauhaus and German modernism from the 1920’es. I really love exploring architecture from that period and I’m always looking for new brutalism buildings and functional architecture.

Describe your “typical” daily routine? How do look after yourself  mentally and physically?

I get up at 07:00 to be at work at 08:00. Always starting with a coffee and some fruit.. work ends around 16:30. After work I love to run! I’m a member of a running club in Copenhagen – lots of fresh air and socialising. I need to take care of my body and mind to be the best version of me! Even though I burn a lot energy on my runs it provides me with even more – it’s my fix and zen!

What’s your favourite film?

The Matrix – the special effects and the soundtrack just blew me away!

Do you have a favourite quote that you try to live by?

Less is more – keep it simple

What makes you nervous?

When I lose control and focus.

Is there anything in your career that you regret not doing?/regret doing?

It’s not too late.. but I wish I had the courage to be a freelancer – to be my own boss!

Do you dream?

All the time!! I think dreams are important for you to get the best out of your life. My dreams gets me more curious and creative!

If you were a perfume what would you smell like?

I would smell like scented candles with flavours of cinnamon and teak

What’s on your playlist right now?

I’m in my hard rock/metal mood.. So I listen to a Danish band called MØL and also Dead By April.

Can you describe what you are doing now , with your life and work?

I would call this period in my life for ‘selfish satisfaction’.. Trying to do a lot of nice things for myself – so that I can be more for others!

See more on Thomas’s instagram @thmsbille

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